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Introducing SmellyBandz

Surprise someone with something a little wacky and a whole lot of fun: SmellyBandz! Quite unlike anything you've ever seen before, our fantastic line of scented wristbands make wonderful gifts for everyone. Stack'em Wear'em Smell'em—there's so much you can do! GET YOUR SMELLYBANDZ TODAY!!!

What's That Smell?

Is it chocolate? No, wait, now it's strawberries, and bubblegum? With so many scented wristbands available, you'll always encounter a yummy new fragrance. Check back with us often for updates on our latest line of wristbands!

Our Premier Line of Scented Wristbands Include:

  • Grape Wristbands
  • Cherry Wristbands
  • Chocolate Wristbands
  • Bubblegum Wristbands
  • Strawberry Wristbands
  • Orange Wristbands

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